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Saddened to see Durossette signs vandalized, ripped up
letter to editor

Editor, Ceres Courier,

I was so sad to read about almost all of Bret Durossette’s campaign signs being defaced or stolen. Mr. Durossette is currently a Ceres councilman and wishes to be the next mayor of Ceres.

This is a crime and goes way beyond a few minor campaign dirty tricks. The candidate spends a lot of money and time in putting out such signs. Such vandalism is bewildering and a disservice to the voters.  

Nobody knows the motivation behind it all until they catch the culprits and they give their reasons. I think it is just a tiny group of people causing all this messy trouble.

I do support Mr. Durossette being elected the next mayor of Ceres. The city of Ceres very recently went to district elections for the City Council seats in an effort to make local races more democratic. 

Please vote this election. The ballots for this mail out election should be out starting Oct. 5.

Daniel Marsh,


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