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Safety signage a good first step but more action needed

Editor, Ceres Courier,

Students at Ceres High have been involved in an effort to increase student and pedestrian safety on Fifth Street. Since the start of 2017 students, teachers, and parents have signed on to a petition lead by my classmate, and friend, Gary Condit. The issue of student and pedestrian safety is one that the students of Ceres High face everyday walking to and from school using the Fifth street gate. With no crosswalk, students are forced to dodge traffic everyday to and from school.

Over three weeks ago Ceres High students made a presentation to the Ceres City Council showing the need for a crosswalk and safety signage. Since then the city has put up two safety signs that show people walking. This is a good first step but more action must be taken before a student or pedestrian is seriously injured.

Dylan Grubeck,