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Scott Siegel is an overpaid authoritarian

Editor, Ceres Courier,

As a local Ceres chiropractor, I have provided sports physical for students attending Ceres Unified School District high schools over the past 20 years - until now.

I have recently learned that the school district, under Supt. Scott Siegel, has adopted a new policy that allows only medical doctors to do sports physical exams, excluding chiropractors.

This escalates what is already a conflict of interest for the district to a financial conflict of interest for the public school superintendent as he is also the vice president of CUSD's health insurance carrier, Central Region School Insurance Group, located in Modesto.

There are CUSD personnel who stand squarely in my corner. Sadly, there is little they can do to stop Dr. Siegel's bandwagon from riding roughshod over the rights of Ceres health professionals such as me. As a successful chiropractor, I take tremendous pride in having attended Ceres public schools - and in being an exemplary product thereof for our students today.

As I see it, Scott Siegel is an overpaid authoritarian. The man definitely does not "play for the home team." While the health insurance company Dr. Siegel is an executive official of profits from being CUSD's insurance carrier, the city of Modesto thereupon benefits from added revenue instead of the city of Ceres. In addition, doctors from Turlock's Romeo Medical Clinic have recently given sports physica;s to Ceres students while visiting on campus. The means that potential revenue for the city of Ceres is going to the city of Turlock.

Whatever happened to our Ceres business slogan, "Shop Local First"? The actions of Scott Siegel seem to be supporting two different replacement slogans: "Buy Modesto First" or "Buy Turlock First."

As a chiropractic health specialist, businessman, civic patron and former Ceres student, I will vigorously seek out a victory for justice. Might alone does not make right. I am considering filing a lawsuit with my attorney."

Bruce A. Lutes, D.C.,

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