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Senator Cannella never forgets about the community of Ceres
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Editor, Ceres Courier,

On Saturday, April 5, Ceres held its annual "Love Ceres" event, where the community invests a day giving back through volunteerism. This year, 18 projects were on the list, including cleaning up area neighborhoods and parks, offering free car washes to seniors and providing free meals to those in need.

I am proud to have participated in this event and would like to personally recognize the organizers, Brian and Becki Nichols, as well as Senator Anthony Cannella, who spoke at the event and volunteered his time by assisting with cleaning up the Whitmore Mansion.

A life-long Ceres resident, Senator Cannella has always been actively involved in our community, and his presence was both most welcome and appreciated. As a state senator, I understand Sen. Cannella's time is precious, and despite a large district, he never forgets our community. That to me says so much about his character.

I would like to extend my thanks to the organizers, participants and Senator Cannella for giving their time to support such an important event. A city is only as great as its people and its events like these that reinforce my belief that the citizens and our representatives of Ceres are 100% committed to ensuring our city - and its people - continue to thrive.

Mike Borges,

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