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Slow down when you drive

Editor, Ceres Courier,

I live on a busy street right behind Walter White School. People race their cars down our street like it's the Indy 500 with no regard for people, property or the safety of students walking to and from school each day
This morning I walked out my front door to send my kids off to school to find that some fool had destroyed my yard with their car. The skid marks came from across the street, through my flowerbed, between my trees, across my lawn to about four feet from the wall of my home where my 6-year-old daughter lay in her bed sleeping. The decorative rock in the flower bed by the road was spread from the middle of the street all the way to my front door.

I called the police thinking I somehow had slept through the scene of an ugly accident. Wrong! No reports of anything from my home last night. I took pictures of the scene, filed a police report and set about cleaning up the disaster some selfish idiot left for me. (I am a disabled person who needs a walker every now and then so this was no easy feat.)

I hope the conscience of the person who did this doesn't let them sleep at night and I hope the Ceres Police Department is your karma. Property can be fixed or replaced; a life can't. My daughter's bed was a few feet away from disaster.

To the people driving in our city please, please slow down! If you can't obey the speed limit then maybe you're too immature for the responsibility of driving a car.

Christy Nelson,