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A special election is ludicrous with Smith being so qualified

Editor, Ceres Courier,

I just read the Ceres Courier February 10, 2021 edition which describes the actions of the City Council, in some detail, as it relates to the appointment of applicants to the vacant council seat. At first I was taken aback at what I just read and was appalled at what occurred and that turned into embarrassment, not just for the council, but for the entire residents of Ceres who chanced to witness that fiasco.

Let me first say I moved from Ceres some eight months ago and have no say in what occurs in Ceres however; after living in Ceres for 65 years my heart remains there and I’m still concerned as to what occurs there. Reading that four Ceres residents applied for the seat with a willingness to serve was a plus for the community. All the applicants had their reasons for applying and had a varying amount of experience in the political/municipal arena from none to years. One of the applicants stood head and shoulders above the others in experience and would have been a perfect fit for the Ceres City Council. However; some members of the council believed that experience was not a requirement for a council appointment. I would urge some council members to view the tape of that meeting and then try to tell us experience does not count.

Having been in the political arena for some years I know the responsibility of each elected person is to work for the improvement of those people he/she represents and do so to the best of their ability. The decisions made should be based on what is best for the entity and not drawn from past differences of others or out of vengeance.  

The mayor of a city is elected to lead the city based on economic, infrastructure, development and personnel issues among others and to lead the city council in reaching decisions based on fact and bringing consensus, when possible, with the outcome to be the best possible solution. The mayor must be a leader and understand the responsibility of leadership, when that ability is lacking the city and its residents suffer and the city remains dormant. 

For the mayor to call for a special election to resolve this issue is ludicrous when one applicant holds credentials that show her experience will be an asset to the city. To call for a special election could hinge on the edge of misfeasance due to the unnecessary disbursement of city funds.

Lastly, for the citizens of Ceres, you are in control of the city. California law authorizes local jurisdictions to initiate recall proceedings against elected officials under conditions.  

Louie Arrollo,

Former Ceres Mayor 

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