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Store, manufacturer wont stand behind computer
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Editor, Ceres Courier,

This is a letter for all the Ceres residents who are trying so hard to get a Walmart Supercenter in Ceres.
Walmart does not stand behind the products they sell like they did in the past.

On April 14, I purchased a refurbished HP computer from On August 18, my computer quit working. I thought I had a virus so I took it to Staples to have it cleaned up. I was very surprised when they told me my hard drive was no good. I immediately contacted They told me that because I didn't return the computer within the three-month warranty period there was nothing they could do for me.

Luckily for them, the hard drive didn't crash in that time frame. It gave me another month. I was told that I would have to contact HP.

I contacted HP and explained the situation to them. They also told me that, even though the hard drive had crashed, it was over the 90-day warranty time and they couldn't help me. They did offer to replace the hard drive for an additional $219 -- after they had refurbished the computer with the defective hard drive.

I was asked by both companies to fill out their survey to let them know how well their representatives handled my problem. Needless to say, I filled out both surveys with all dis-satisfied marks. Walmart didn't even bother to contact me regarding their survey. The only thing I got from HP was more emails telling me how I could purchase a new HP computer. I asked them why would I purchase one of their computers when they wouldn't stand behind the one I had just purchased. You would think that when a customer purchased a refurbished computer for $428 it would last longer than four months or someone would stand behind it. That is over $100 a month for the pleasure of doing business with them.

I will neither purchase another HP computer or do any more business with Walmart. I can't afford dealing with that type of company.

Nawatha Reed,

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