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Supporting Props. 1 & 2

Editor, Ceres Courier,

I vigorously support Proposition 1 and 2.

Proposition 1: We need to store more water. We are in a drought and we need to get out of it. If the drought doesn't end, we just might be joining the critically Endangered Species List along with fish due to a lack of fresh, clean water. We need to store more water or our proverbial goose is cooked.

Proposition 2: If it passes, the schools are going to have to learn to live within a defined budget and not forever inside the taxpayers' pockets. A special rainy day portion of the state's general fund would be set aside as a savings account, of sorts, in order to keep California fiscally accountable and solvent.

When you vote, give it the ol' One Two. Some environmentalists (not all) may not like it and some school officials (not all) may not like it either, but control of California exists in the hands of its people.

Ron Mason,

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