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Ted Cruz is the best choice to repair Obamas damages

Editor, Ceres Courier,

As a Reagan Republican, I am writing to urge my fellow Californians to strongly reject the candidacy of Donald Trump and to support Texas Senator Ted Cruz for president.

After nearly eight years of a president who has repeatedly rewritten laws such as Obamacare, flouted the Constitution and added almost as much red ink to the federal deficit as all the presidents before him, we need a president who will follow the law and restore our standing in the world.

Mr. Trump has been a New York liberal for most of his life and now for the last year has portrayed himself as a conservative. He should not be trusted. Trump supported the very policies that led to the founding of the Tea Party - the Obama bank bailout, Obama auto bailout and the grossly wasteful, useless Obama stimulus.

The enemy of the Tea Party now pretends to be its friend. Trump also has supported the government seizure of private property for use by other citizens and he has supported the Obamacare individual mandate.

And while Trump claims he wants to secure America's borders, in 2013 he gave money to six members of the U.S. Senate "gang of eight" who supported amnesty and has been fined $1 million for hiring illegal Polish workers. And then this long-time liberal had the gall to lie during a national debate and say he was not fined for hiring illegal Polish workers. He was fined and he lied, one of his numerous lies.

Ted Cruz has fought against President Obama's illegal executive amnesty, led the fight to repeal Obamacare, and stood against the Obama Iran deal that gave $100 billion to the world's leading terrorist nation.

Cruz has pledged that when he is president, he will rescind all of Obama's executive orders, tear up the Iran deal, move the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem to stand with one of our leading allies, order an investigation of Planned Parenthood for selling the body parts of aborted unborn children, and end Common Core.

Please join me in supporting Sen. Cruz. The last thing America needs is an election between two New York liberals. That's a recipe for failure.

Dave Blicharz