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Thanks for candidacy coverage

Editor, Ceres Courier,

Thank you for the Ceres Courier coverage of my District 5 Board of Supervisors campaign on Feb. 10.

Central Valley residents derive many benefits from local, small town newspapers. They promote and preserve community identities, and give all residents a sense of belonging. For some folks, it is the only news they receive. What a tremendous service!

One of my campaign's platforms is to bring another service to our Valley - the Altamont Corridor Express (ACE) train. It will improve the quality of life for working families. Parents can communicate with their children via laptops, commuting students can study, and when 40 hours isn't enough, people can keep working on the train. Elderly and disabled persons will have new freedom. Everyone will get home safely. The ACE will get cars off our tired highways, and bring visitors to our towns. Some say it will lead to uncontrolled growth. Under my leadership, this will never happen. I will always use my voice to preserve our small communities, just like the Ceres Courier.

Eileen Wyatt,

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