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Tired of the Citizens for Ceres fighting Walmart

Editor, Ceres Courier,

I have live here in Ceres for over 25 years so I think I'm a citizen of Ceres. I'm so tired of "Citizens for Ceres" fighting the Walmart Supercenter.

Just think of all the sales tax that Ceres would have received from the stores and restaurants in the new Mitchell Ranch Shopping Center. It would have saved me from shopping and eating at Turlock and Modesto stores that are located right off of the freeway.

So if Ceres really wants shop local, then get rid of "Citizens for Ceres."

I do shop at local stores also, but Turlock and Modesto have the better restaurants and also have a Costco and Lowes. It will or would have been nice to shop and eat off the freeway in Ceres.

Another eyesore is the Hatch area off the freeway, along with the water tower in downtown Ceres.

I have a family of six and I don't think we have ever eaten here in Ceres restaurant as a family, we usually go to Modesto.

I think quality and convenience is very important also.

Sal Diaz,

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