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The top five reasons Newsom should be recalled from office

Editor, Ceres Courier,

The top five reasons Gavin Newsom should be recalled from office:

1) He locked down the whole state for more than a year unnecessarily, causing devastation to millions of personal lives, businesses and families.

2) His complete lockdown of the schools was highly detrimental to millions of school children and their parents so he could curry favor with the teacher’s union.

3) His misplaced priorities, like pretending to solve the homeless crisis, wasted tens of millions of dollars and resources at exactly the time the state could ill afford to squander money or man hours.

4) His mishandling of the EDD fiasco possibly cost the state close to $30 billion dollars and left truly needy Californians in the lurch while their much needed payments went to felons and fraudsters.

5)  He completely botched the rollout of the vaccine and then blamed the federal government. Nothing bad is ever his fault, including his hypocritical dinners with campaign donors at fancy restaurants while the rest of us plebes are locked at home eating takeout.

He should immediately put his “task forces” and “strike teams” to work trying to save his failed administration.

William David Stone

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