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Treat each other with respect
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Editor, Ceres Courier,

I read today that when Jesus was born, he and his family were first sort of homeless. Then they became refugees. They had to leave their home and live in Egypt for some time, or Jesus might have been killed. I didn’t read about any wall, or any detention camp where Jesus would be separated from his parents. Today, even in Turlock, we have refugees, many of whom can use help, and a friendly welcome. In this season in which even people who are not necessarily Christian celebrate the love that appeared on the Earth with the arrival of Jesus, we might pause to appreciate the value of all human beings. This includes those people who are so desperate that they find a way to get across the walls we build. We may not be able to accept them all, but the least we can do is to treat each other with respect, and maybe a little warmth.

Randy Huth

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