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Trump or lose America

Editor, Ceres Courier,

Americans unquestionably cannot allow the scandal-ridden, divisive, Hillary Clinton to become leader of our beloved country.

So what are the alternatives? Vote for a third-party candidate? Stay home and don't vote at all? No! These alternatives only help hand Clinton the presidency.
Too Clinton's delight, some Republicans - for not very persuasive reasons - haven't yet supported Donald Trump. Perhaps they are paying attention to the meaningless liberal-hype that viciously attacks Trump and exaggerates his shortcomings.

Sure, Trump has some shortcomings, as do many prospective candidates ... Clinton for example. The difference is that Trump admits his shortcoming and corrects them. And, Trump's sincere love of America and its citizens far outweigh any shortcomings, and Clinton's mindless rhetoric.

Americans must get solidly behind Trump and ensure that he becomes America's President. Otherwise all hope for a vibrant future for America will be lost ... perhaps forever.

Joe O'Hara

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