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Unhappy over city tree trimming job on Tirano Way

Editor, Ceres Courier,

I am a homeowner on Tirano Way in Ceres. I have lived in this house since January 2007. The Ceres' tree trimmers came by a couple weeks ago to "trim" my tree. Prior to this visit, no city tree personnel had been by once in the eight years I have lived here. I had - note the word "had" - a beautiful full tree in my front yard that shaded the front of my house and yard/lawn. The front of my house faces west, so I get the afternoon sun. My tree was in excellent condition, other than a few low branches and a few dead small limbs within the tree. I asked the man who approached me to please not take a lot off the tree. He responded that they would not. It was butchered! They removed large branches high in the tree that did not make sense at all. Now the front of my house is totally exposed to the afternoon sun/heat. My AC runs twice as often now at a time when we are asked to reduce our use of power and watering. My lawn was green, even with the reduced watering; now it is turning brown.

I called the Ceres Department of Public Works to tell them of this and make a complaint. After telling the clerk who answered the phone my problem, and that I would like someone to come out and look at my tree, she said that I should speak with a person named Brian. She took a message but said that they had not received other complaints. I guess that was her way of telling me my concern did not mean anything. This is day three and I still have not received a call from Brian or anyone else. I have called back, but get the run around from whomever answers. I will continue to call.

I urge any other resident who is unhappy with their tree trimming to please call the Public Works Department. I know I am not the only unhappy resident.

Judith Warren,

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