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Union likes Josh Harder
letters to the editor

Editor, Ceres Courier,

As a Teamster, I want to elect a candidate for Congress who cares about the workers of this district. Not only has Denham ignored the constituents over and over again, but he has introduced an amendment to try to detract from truckers’ paychecks. 

I am proud that Teamsters has endorsed the right candidate and the front runner for the job: Josh Harder. He believes in apprenticeship programs to put our high schoolers and young people to work on quality jobs. He believes in vocational training to put folks back to work who have been laid off. He wants to create water storage so the ag industry is not in peril when there is a drought.

As a voter you have other options, but there is nobody with a better background than Josh Harder to address the needs of a district like ours with high unemployment. Josh Harder has the experience, the well-organized campaign and the integrity to best represent us in the Central Valley.

Esau Hernandez,

Political Coordinator,

Teamsters Local 439


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