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Walmart Supercenter a win-win for Ceres
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Editor, Ceres Courier,

I totally agree with your column of April 24. Beside the instances you outlined, where were the so-called "Citizens for Ceres" when Rite Aid and CVS built new buildings not a mile from their existing locations. They surely left some wildlife without their familiar habitat. They definitely left their old location vacant and subject to blight. Weren't those some of their main issues? Those buildings are, in my opinion, in more crucial areas of the city.

The Walmart building appears to be large enough, have a large enough parking lot, and be in a location which would lend itself well to a movie theater, skating rink, or something else of that nature, which would bring recreation to our city as well as new jobs.

Why do the "Citizens" (with only 90 some members) think that they care more and should have more say than the 10,000-plus residents who signed the petition wanting the new Walmart shopping center? Yes, employees will transfer from the old store to the new one. The new store will be much larger, so they will also hire new people. Plus all of the other businesses in the new center will also hire people. The larger store with additional departments will draw people from the surrounding small towns. Its proximity to Highway 99 will attract travelers. It seems like a win-win situation for Ceres.

I agree; "Citizens" only seem to care about their own neighborhood and not really about our city as a whole. They have fallen prey to Brett Jolley, who appears to be a so-called ambulance chasing attorney. His ambulance of choice being any project involving Walmart. Wise up, Citizens, Jolley doesn't live in or near Ceres. He obviously he doesn't really care about Ceres, only his own agenda. Get out of his pocket, quit filling it with cash and get off the Walmart bashing team. See this shopping center for what it is as over 10,000 other Ceres residents have. This is progress, you can't stop it. You can only delay it, costing the city more tax dollars which all of us have to pay.

By the way, I live in the area of the new site and I'm excited about it. I can't wait for it to open!

Carol Park,