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Wants a change in D.C.
Letters to Editor

Editor, Ceres Courier,

When things aren’t working, you change it. The Central Valley is the hardest working in California. Our farmers produce for the whole nation. Yet the poor, elderly, and homeless are abandoned here by policies that fail to acknowledge their presence. It is a great shame that a large percentage of the struggling are Veterans in America. Veterans that Congressman Jeff Denham claims he fights for. Denham votes most of the time with the Republican Party, a party who year after year claims to fight for veterans, but continuously lets them down. This is our congressional representative, and we see the effects of his votes on our streets.

Yet, Congressman Denham has been using Big Money to post up signs thanking him for his work to persuade you to vote for him. Spanish ads run heavily claiming he fights to keep the Latino community safe, while he votes to keep families apart. All this while avoiding direct discussion or public debate with his opponent Democrat Josh Harder. Going as far to not be seen together as going to Tracy for the Fourth of July, rather than Modesto were Harder was. Is this the man we want to represent us again?

Mateo Maldonado,



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