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Ways the Democrat Party have divided us over years

Editor, Ceres Courier,

The Democrat Party has always been about dividing America going back to the Civil War when they attempted to keep slavery legal creating the Confederate States of America. Fortunately, Republican President Abraham Lincoln defeated the Democrats, preserved the union, and reunited America once again.

The Democrats devised a plan to keep America divided by race, creating the Ku Klux Klan and opposing equality for Black America. The Republicans passed the 15th Amendment granting equality to Black America with 100 percent Republican support while Democrats opposed. The Democrats tried to divide America based on gender, opposing women’s rights. The Democrats controlled senate defeated the Equal Suffrage Amendment four times and wasn’t until the Republicans took control of Congress in 1919 when women gain equality with Democrats in opposition.

Today, Democrats continue to find new ways to divide America for their own political gain. While Democrats continue to use race and gender to rewrite history, one avenue of division they have used over the years is class envy to pin poor against rich. America has thrived through capitalism where individual responsibility, innovation, and hard work have provided each person independence and freedom to be or become anything they want. Likewise, those who are lazy or unmotivated reap the consequences of a more challenging life due to their irresponsibility. Democrats have used the poor as a means to motivate them to vote against success and reward those who are unambitious. They have used the poor to expand government telling the poor to give up their individual freedom for more government control in order for the government to care for them from the cradle to the grave. This idea of more government control is socialism, which is a light form of communism, which becomes full government control. We have seen the result of socialism in other countries like Venezuela, where all citizens become poor except those government elites, which remain rich and in control after the people surrendered their rights away based on empty promises.

Another charade by the Democrats is the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. While the Republican Party believes in equality that “All Lives Matter,” to suggest this would be racist in the eyes of Democrats to silence those to support BLM, which is a Marxist organization that has nothing to do with black lives; but only criminal black lives to push the narrative of a racist law enforcement system. Other black lives, including black lives of those aborted, black police officers, or black-on-black murders are ignored. The Democrats have incited emotion to gather support for their own political gain by dividing America based on race.

Democrats have advanced their agenda of division using race, gender, and class envy against those who are patriotic. While many Americans love America and pledge allegiance to the flag, Democrats would rather divide us by calling America an oppressed nation. They cringe at American greatness saying it owes other nations through the Paris Climate Accord, which is a form of global socialism to tax Americans in a global tax for other nations in the name of saving the environment. To divide America further, Democrats have rejected the 1776 Commission to promote patriotism in the classroom to instead promote the 1619 Project to promote liberal ideals that America is a bad nation as well as division of critical race theory.

Democrats have used division to elevate themselves to power based upon emotions. Democrats want to convince most of the population that America is a country of injustice that does not provide equal opportunity of success and that America is the economic and global problem for others in the world. They want a majority of the population to believe being patriotic is deplorable and racist in order to divide America once more for their own political gain.

Frank Aquila

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