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We’re a nation of bots

Editor, Ceres Courier,

When robots first came on the scene in science and industry, who would have guessed human beings themselves would be the next to become bots. 

Who can look at a television game show where every single contestant is dressed in outlandish costume, jumps up and down and shrieks like a monkey, and not see metallic drones at work. 

Who can watch television talk shows where every single celebrity praises every single other celebrity as God’s gift to humanity, and not see tin-pan intellects at play. 

Who can watch a gaggle of young women parading about with bare midriffs and wearing buckets of makeup even when they have great natural beauty, and not think of Stepford wives in the making? 

Who can listen to political arguments where 100% of the participants express one or the other of only two authorized views, and not think that Big Brother is wagging all their tongues?  

Who can think of the millions of gullible consumers who run out and buy what exaggerated business advertisements tell them to buy, and not think of Henry Ford’s production line, only today cranking out corrupted spending habits rather than shiny replicas of vehicles? 

We wear blue hair and claim exotic gender variations, but we all have the same gray minds.

Kimball Shinkoskey

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