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What has the left brought?

Editor, Ceres Courier,

The liberals, progressives, and Democrats ("the left") are destroying this great country. The majority of problems facing this country are caused by the left's distorted view of reality.

The California of Reagan was the leader in this nation. After 40 years under Democrat control, we have crumbling highways, deteriorating schools, and high taxes. The California Democrats have a super majority and can pass any law they please without Republican support. If the policies and beliefs of the left are truly rooted in reality, then California would be the model state.

Perhaps you can explain what was bad in California during the Reagan years and what is great under the left's policies. As the left tries to force reality to change, which can't be done, the is anger, hate and despair in the left's belief system exponentially intensifies. The left is changing the meaning of words in order to validate their actions. Any conversation the left doesn't like becomes "hate speech." Then they interpret the Constitution to mean that "hate" speech is not protected under free speech. The left now uses this reinterpretation to justify rioting because they do not like what is being said. During the election, and after the election, the left initiated violence at Trump rallies. Throwing rocks at the Trump supporters then proclaimed that Trump supporters are racist. Trump was chastised for saying "Grab her by the p----" by those who raped women and their supporters.

Mass shooters do not fit the profile of a conservative. After years of the left trying to shame the right, using PC speech and convoluting situations so they become racist.

The left was so sure Clinton would win, that when it became apparent Clinton lost, the left became very, very angry. The protests were greater than I have seen before. The media attacked Trump unremittingly. Their words became very hateful. I have never seen this level of hate against anyone in any party. History tells us about how the communist used violence and hate to gain control. Since the left has failed using politics, they are resorting to using violence and intimidation. Look at the actions of the left. They are supporting illegal immigrants who have come to this country to get benefits. These immigrants do not like this country. They stomp on the American flag. They spit on the American flag. They burn the American flag. They carry the Mexican flag. The left wants you to believe that every immigrant loves this country and wants to be a citizen for love of country. The left becomes outraged when illegal immigrants are deported.

The Left claims that The Right is breaking up families when they are deported. The truth is that by deporting illegal immigrants, we are putting families back together. They go back to their: mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, grandparents. All those they left to come here.

The Left lives in a fantasy world. They will hurt people in the belief that what they are doing is good. It does not matter the reasoning; you have hurt someone. Trying to tax the wealthy, the poor pay the tax because it gets passed down. Trump won because too many people were getting hurt from The Left's policies. All the issues facing this country did not suddenly appear on Nov 8, 2016, but was building up for the last 20 years. Obama and the Democrats had 8 years to fix all the issues, but instead they intensified the problems until they boiled over and Trump became President. The violent actions and very graphic words from The Left are deafening. The Democrats have been impeding political progress for the last 20 years by blaming the Republicans on every issue when they don't get what they want.

Since the election of Trump, it is clear this is happening. Many Democrats have gone on record to state they will impede Trump at every opportunity. I warned several years ago that The Left is the cause most issues. If you think America is in bad shape, don't blame me, I voted conservative.

Scott McComas,

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