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Why is the city spending $200,000 on RAD cards?

Editor, Ceres Courier,

I have a question.  I know it’s going to raise a lot of hackles. But here goes. 

Why is the city taking $200,000 of money meant for the people in the city of Ceres and paying it into “RAD” cards to benefits small businesses?

Being a retired businesswoman, I feel that if you want your business to succeed and you want more customers, you offer discounts or you offer some type of incentive but you don’t expect the city to pay for it. If the city really wants to help small businesses stop taxing the crap out of them.

It’s ridiculous that the residents of Ceres are paying small businesses to get more customers by giving the public a chance to buy a card that gives them 50% more per dollar and the public is paying.

I just read where Turlock stopped that practice. 

Please tell me there is nothing else the city could’ve used $200,000 for.

Shirley Rogers,


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