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Why the push back?

Editor, Ceres Courier,

I found it remarkable that our editor of the Ceres Courier continues to give push back to my classmates for trying to improve safety on the Ceres High campus. Over numerous years past students at Ceres High School have been able to deal with the lack of signage and a designated crosswalk on Fifth Street. Not by blasting our music nor glued to our phones. However it’s time for the school district and city hall to take responsibility and fix the problem to ensure safety for future students.   

As the editor, referred to the fight for safety improvements on Fifth Street as a “hue” and “cry.” The hue and cry might come if the city and school district continues to let this problem drag out resulting in injury.

Dylan John Grubeck,



(Editor’s note: I’ll repeat what I said before. Safety is important but the best guarantee of safety is each person looking both ways and crossing when safe to do so. Safety devices often lure pedestrians into a false sense of security. And by the way, Fifth Street is a designated school safety zone, contrary to what has been stated by others).


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