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Why special treatment?
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Editor, Ceres Courier,

Since the city has been split into four sections and people running for City Council can only run in their district can vote for them – but they represent the entire city – maybe the people that support that councilman or woman are in different districts. So your numbers on who voted for who doesn’t mean squat.

You, Mr. Editor, seem to enjoy guilt by association in this case the name Condit.

Now as for the mattresses downtown, why in the world would City Council gently urge the owner of several buildings to make them look decent? If I didn’t keep up the front of my home and mow my lawn they would just give me a fine. It’s not just the mattresses in front of the building; it’s also the ones on the (former)bank property. A woman was sleeping on one in the rain behind the (former)  bank during the winter. 

Shirley Rogers,