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Wishes neighbors would care about properties

Editor, Ceres Courier,

I have always taken pride in my surroundings. My neighborhood is a neighborhood like many others here in Ceres. My front yard is neatly kept. Most of the yards here are a mess. It seems that people just do not care.

Years ago, before I was able to purchase a house in this neighborhood, I resided as a single working mom with my children in many rentals. I kept my front yard presentable. Being poor is no excuse. I do not understand why many people just do not care that their front yards look a mess.

Parking on what used to be a lawn, parking the wrong way on the street, strewn beer and soda cans, overgrown weeds, papers and other debris. I am watching the neighborhood I have lived in for more than 15 years turn into an embarrassment. I've seen older neighborhoods that take pride in their surroundings no matter what their income. It's like a terrible disease that spreads.

I will continue to take care with my front yard no matter what the case. Please listen people, "take your mess to the back yard where only you have to look at it."

Diana L. Spinnato,

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