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Yes, Newsom is evil

Editor, Ceres Courier,

I just read your column about Gavin Newsom (“I’ll just go ahead and say it: Newsom is evil” that was published Sept. 21).  You are absolutely correct, but too kind.

Newsom is an arrogant pompous a-- from Marin County sponsored by the Getty family with no regard for the voters in California.

The closing of prisons, the vilifying of law enforcement, the coddling of criminals, and the overwhelming cowardice he presents as a weak pathetic leader.

Reading an article about his decision to place a moratorium on the Death Penalty said it all.  Newsom admitted there were at least 25 people on Death Row that exhausted all of their appeals, and their end was near.

Newsom said he could not fulfill his duty as governor, and allow the will of the people in the jury to actually carry out the penalty. But he could not do it.

Instead, he cowardly avoids his duty as governor by eliminating the punishment under the already overused complaint of racism and innocent prisoners.

A governor would read and review the cases individually and decide if there was any reason for leniency or compassion.  But instead of carrying out his duties, this weak person because he is too scared, places a moratorium and closes Death Row.

Newsom is a disgrace and an embarrassment but unfortunately this p---- has survived two recall attempts and seems to survive despite being evil.

Also look up the article by Daniel Zingale titled “Very Open Letter to Newsom. “ Most people at my work in law enforcement thought it a was a joke. Well it was to be real.

Newsom is evil.

Patrick Barber

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