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Many adults are going AWOL
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It's really too bad that we live in a society where we have to think about passing a law that cracks down on parties where alcohol is served to minors.

To me it seems that adults should be responsible enough to make sure such parties don't happen, and that their kids don't attend any such parties.

Twice now this year Ceres has seen two such parties that got out of hand. I'm left asking myself, where have all the good adults gone?

The City Council has delayed twice now a Social Host Ordinance that would allow the city to fine Ceres residents for knowingly allow their property to be used for a drinking party attended by minors. The council has delayed action, pro or con, pending the examination of legal issues brought up by Steve Breckenridge, a frequent council visitor. They have agreed to put it off until August so that Breckenridge may attend at the time.

Irony figures in here because the weekend prior to the July 9 council meeting, Ceres saw a tragedy relating to a drinking party in the 3000 block of Tenth Street. At that party, 18-year-old Michael Ilttreb was shot in the face, mortally wounded. Police are still investigating the circumstances.

It's clear to me that kids have no business being out that early in the morning because the tendency is for kids to get in trouble or expose themselves to such dangers in this world of gangs and drive-by shootings.

If the new ordinance helps make grown-ups more responsible, I have no problem seeing its passage. But again, I lament the fact that adults aren't being adult enough to police things themselves and cause the government to step in. Common sense is a much better alternative than legislating behavior.

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