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Our Recommendation
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Chris Vierra and Ken Lane have demonstrated diligent leadership in the past four years and deserve to be re-elected to the Ceres City Council.

As part of the leadership team, they've been willing to make some tough spending cuts that have cut deeply into the core of the city organization. We feel the courage they have exhibited in their fiscal responsibility has earned them the right to continue staying in leadership as the city continues to face even tougher fiscal constraints.

Ceres has been a lean operation and is even more so now as the council has responded to the current economic recession and loss of tax revenues. Because of the fiscally conservative leadership, the city has been one of the few in the Valley to refrain from having to make cuts to police and fire. That's because the city's financial house is kept in order, something that can't be said of the fiscal mismanagement in Sacramento and Washington, D.C.

At the same time, the city has been making progress in a number of key areas. The city continues to lay the groundwork for development of the Southern Gateway for future years.

Under the council's leadership, the city has a new trophy Community Center, a new fire station, and has succeeded in the community's desire to improve traffic on Whitmore Avenue with the Whitmore interchange.

While his heart is in the right place, Mike Kline has failed to articulate why he would be a better city leader nor has enunciated his vision for the future of Ceres. Effective leaders are already in place and we trust that the voters recognize that come Election Day.