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Culinary artist
Chef Erick Jegoux of Hughson's Daily Bread Cafe, a program of Sierra Vista Child and Family Services, has been making a name for himself in the culinary world by adding a personal flare in the kitchen.

More recently, Jegoux was a special guest on "Sacramento & Co." television show on News10 preparing a salmon Wellington with salsa verde, an entree created solely by himself.

Jegoux openly admits to having been a little nervous to be on T.V. for the first time, but when he was told his preparation time was cut from six minutes to three minutes, Jegoux knew he had to make the best of the situation.

With his eclectic style of cooking, Jegoux tries to incorporate something for everyone with the food he prepares ranging from Italian to French, all with an American base.

Growing up on the coast of Brittany, France, Jegoux has become particularly fond of seafood and fish dishes.

"I just like it when it's fresh and good quality," Jegoux said. "And growing up on the coast might have had something to do with it."

A philosophy Jegoux lives up to is staying away from premade foods.

"Why be a cook if you're not going to cook?" Jegoux asked.

In addition to preparing a variety of dishes, the only recipes Jegoux keeps are in his head.

"I dream of them, picture them in my head and taste it too," he said.

Jegoux got started as a chef for the love of food and for the hatred of his mom's cooking.

"My mom had never really been a good cook and maybe that's why I was attracted to it," he said. "I'm not afraid (of food), to me it's natural and makes sense."

Another perk of being a chef is meeting new people and making them feel happy, while giving them a new experience to taste.

At the Daily Bread Cafe, the dinner menu changes every other week to provide the usual customers with new choices.

To attract customers, Jegoux offers meals with large serving portions at affordable prices.

"I try to rely on my skills to make some ordinary food a little less ordinary," he said.

The Daily Bread Cafe is a job skills training site from Sierra Vista Child and Family Services.

Sierra Vista provides job experiences and work skills for people to place on a resume.

"It gives men and women an opportunity to get recent job experience and guidance on how to be a good employee," said Larry Hostetler, director of marking for Sierra Vista.

For more information about the Daily Bread Cafe call 883-4941 or visit 2413 Third Street in Hughson.