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Family of Yosemite victim appeals for hair donations for wigs
In 2011, nursing student Ramina Badal was growing out her hair in order to donate it to Locks of Love, a non-profit organization providing hair pieces to children with long-term hair loss due to medical problems. But her quest was unfulfilled when her life was cut short in a July 19, 2011 Yosemite National Park mishap that took the lives of two others belonging to the same Ceres church.

Badal's family is appealing to the public to donate hair to Locks of Love in the same spirit as their daughter. A special event is set for noon to 8 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 26 at Salon Salon, 1700 McHenry Avenue, #296, Modesto. Anyone who donates 10 inches or longer of their hair will receive a free hair cut. Those who are unable to give hair are invited to make a financial contribution to the Locks of Love.

Approximately six to 10 hair donations are required to make one hair piece. Bleached hair may not be accepted but permed or colored hair is okay.

Badal, 21, of Manteca, died after she was swept over Vernal Falls along with Ninos Yacoub, 27, of Turlock, and Hormiz "Nenos" David, 22, of Modesto. They were among a group of young people and families from Church of the East, St. George Parish, in Ceres, who were visiting Yosemite and hiking along the Mist Trail. According to park officials, the three climbed over a metal guardrail and waded into the water. They stopped about 25 feet from the waterfall to take a photo. When David slipped into the water, Badal extended her hand to him but lost her footing in the swift current and was swept over.

Ramina is survived by her parents, Tony and Virginia Badal, and her sister, Tanya Badal.

For more information on the hair donation event, visit or go to!events