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Hughson family searches for missing teen
HUGHSON - Family members of a missing girl here are worried about her well being and have taped up posters around the area seeking clues to her whereabouts.

The 13-year-old teen, Samantha R. Alcala Tita, was given permission by her parents to leave home at around 5 p.m. to go visit with a friend to her house on Friday, June 29 and then promptly return. Samantha didn't returned home.

Her mother, Beatrice Mohssin of Hughson, said Samantha did not return calls and feels the friend was "covering for her." Beatrice did make contact with the friend at one point that evening who related that Samantha couldn't come to the phone because she was taking a shower due to being hot and sweaty but she never returned their call either.

The family believes that Samantha, who has been acting up at school and having school attendance issues at Community School, may have ran away from home. She was on probation as a student and had an early evening curfew.

"We've been pressuring the police department to look for her because I don't know if she ran away," said Mohssin. "I'm just scared. It's been a long time already."

Samantha disappeared once before, said her mother, but they maintained contact with her while she was absent.

The family has been driving around hoping to spot Samantha and have posted flyers in Hughson, Ceres and Waterford hoping someone will call and report her whereabouts. The poster lists three numbers: that of a Hughson Deputy Harrison at 652-6975; of Beatrice Mohssin (410-2201); or her father, 818-7082.

"We would like to give her a message to please come home. We love her and miss her and we'd like her to call us."

Calls to Hughson Police went unanswered as of press time.