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Local on game show
Appearing on a long-running TV show not only gave Dolores Greff a shot to win a nice prize, the fun experience on "Let's Make A Deal" also allowed her to take her mind off of her battle with cancer.

"It was just fun being up there - win or lose it was fun," said Greff, a 33-year resident of Ceres who is battling stage 4 melanoma.

A contractual agreement did not allow Greff to disclose the outcome of her appearance on the show, which started when emcee Wayne Brady pointing her out in the crowd of outlandishly-dressed audience members. But she said her hometown and neighbors can see her when she appears at 9 a.m. this Friday, Oct. 12 on KOVR (Channel 13).

Greff was in the audience at the Sunset Bronson Studios in Hollywood with her sister, Debbie Weeda of Winton - who is an avid TV game show enthusiast - and her niece, Tabitha Weeda.

"She is our game show person," said Greff of her sister. "She's never been picked. We just went for the heck of it, to have fun."

Any watcher of the show - which picked up from Monty Hall in the 1970s - knows that those picked have to show "a lot of enthusiastic energy," said Greff. Typically as a cancer patient who has been on chemotherapy drugs, she has not been full of energy. But she was during the taping of the show.

The show started and at one point Brady, a former star of the Whose Line Is It Anyway?", singled out Greff to stand up as a contestant - but she didn't know it was her being selected.

"My sister said, 'He's pointing at you!'"

That's when she "just blocked everybody out."

She found Brady to be "really super nice ... very friendly" during their interaction.

Greff was diagnosed with melanoma in 2000 but it returned in 2008, spreading to other parts of her body, including brain and lymph nodes. She routinely travels to a San Francisco hospital to receive treatment, but is allowed to return home to live her life.

She hopes to have enough energy to spend a longer time in Los Angeles and possibly see the taping of Family Feud. Dolores said it would be nice if she could get on the show with her family.

Greff encourages other Ceres residents to be a part of the show in Hollywood. Tickets for the show are available at details about tape dates also available at the site. One out of every 18 audience members gets to be a contestant on the show. Or they may call the Let's Make a Deal audience hotline at (888) 5-DEAL-50 for more information.