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Snack Shack catered to Ceres High school students
Back in the 1950s when Ceres was a lot smaller town, ths choice of eating places was pretty slim.

There was Mae's Cafe in downtown Ceres. There was also the Chew "n Chat across from Whitmore Park; and one of the first Mexican restaurants - Alfonso's. But one of the most memorable one for Ceres High School students was Pop's Snack Shack, located across the street from the school, Whitmore and Third Street.

Operated by Charlie Bow from 1948 for several years before turning it over to Ruth and Bob Simpson, Charlie's daughter. The existing Mexican restaurant on the corner was built as the newer Snack Shack.

Charlie was a career sign painter so hand-painted signs were evident around the place.

One of the few photos of the business that remains today is found in the 1953 Cereal yearbook. The photo accompanying this article came from an ad in that publication.

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