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'A Positive Step'
Ceres High School's varsity football program had an impressive start during Saturday morning's round-robin scrimmage at Johansen.

"We looked like a playoff-caliber team on our first series," Bulldogs head coach Brett Johnson said. "We did a lot of great things."

Led by fourth-year linebacker Hadon Lopez and senior Chris Husong, Ceres High's defense kept Pitman out of the end zone. The Pride ran 12 plays. Husong made several key tackles inside the Bulldogs' 5-yard line.

Ceres High scored twice during its 12 plays of offense against Johansen.

On the Bulldogs' first snap, senior quarterback George Borden tossed a 45-yard touchdown pass to junior all-purpose player Nick Welsh.

"There was no strong safety so I knew he'd be wide open," Borden said. "With his speed, no one's catching him. That gave everyone confidence. We were just clicking."

Senior receiver Matt Cardelli had a 5-yard TD catch.

George Borden tallied three touchdown passes on the day, including two to Welsh. Against Pitman, George delivered an 11-yard strike to Nick in the right corner of the end zone.

Ceres High's final defensive series ended with a turnover on downs at the Bulldogs' 5-yard line. Lopez made a tackle in the backfield.

Four teams participated in Saturday's exhibition, including Ceres High, Johansen, Pitman and Waterford.

"We were all excited to come out here and play against other teams," Borden said. "I was impressed with our defense. Our offensive line did a great job. I didn't get touched much."

Added Johnson: "We turned some heads today."

Central Valley scrimmaged against Manteca and Ripon Friday night at Guss Schmiedt Field.

Abraham Navarro had two touchdown passes, including one to Greg Mathews and Greg Tripp.

Tyree Jones and Terrence Sadler both scored once on the ground.

The Hawks' defense allowed just one TD.

"We played well," assistant coach Antone Lopez said. "We were aggressive and hustling. We didn't get pushed around."