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CHS netters wins twice
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The Ceres High girls tennis team started its Valley Oak League season with back-to-back victories last week.

"We were just stronger," coach Bryan Harden said.

The Bulldogs topped the Sierra Timberwolves 121/2-21/2 on Thursday in Ceres.

Ceres High won eight of nine singles and three of four doubles matches.

In singles play, McKenzy Harden beat Stacy Morris 6-1, Michelle LeLaurin 6-0 and Stephanie Vanni 6-0.

Logan Harden beat LeLaurin 6-4, Vanni 6-0 and Morris 6-1.

Angie Prak beat Vanni 6-2 and LeLaurin 7-5. She lost 6-4 to Morris.

In doubles play, Tiffany Ornells and Sydney Featherstone beat Mona Ballagan and Tori Hedegard 11-10 (7-3) and Nicole Reynoso and Michaela Scott 10-2.

Natalie Flores and Christina Villivong beat Reynoso and Scott 10-6. They lost 10-2 to Ballagan and Hedegard.

The Bulldogs posted a 101/2-41/2 victory over Weston Ranch on Tuesday, Sept. 11 in Stockton.

Ceres won six of nine singles and three of four doubles matches.

McKenzy defeated Elia Madriz 6-2, Fay Saepharn 6-0 and Kaezel Sangil 6-0.

Logan defeated Saepharn and Sangil 6-0. She lost 6-1 to Madriz.

Prak defeated Sangil 6-0. She lost 6-2 to Madriz and Saepharn.

Ornells and Featherstone defeated Julianne Arres and Tina Le, and Zarien Colato and Valerie Kelter by the identical score of 10-1.

Flores and Villivong defeated Colato and Kelter 10-3. They l.ost 10-8 to Arres and Le.

Ceres improved to 3-0 on the season.