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Dolphins hold award banquet, party
Ceres athletes conclude season with fun event
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The members of the Ceres Dolphins recreational swim club organization spent a large portion of their day at Ceres High School on July 20.

About 200 trophies and 110 medals were passed out during the year-end award banquet, staged from 2-4 p.m., at Phil de la Porte Gymnasium.

The pool was utilized between noon and 5:30 p.m.
More than 60 Round Table pizzas were consumed and washed down with soda.

"It was a really great event," head coach Tracy Bull said. "Everybody had a good time."

Most Valuable Player awards were presented to Zachary Jones (17-18 boys), Reuven Denton (15-16 boys), Julia Pata (15-16 girls), Ciana Sather (13-14 girls), Alyvea Olanolan (11-12 girls), Brett Hartley (9-10 boys), Emma Silveria (9-10 girls), Victoria Silveria (9-10 girls) and Kaydence Bispo (7-8 girls).

Julia, Emma and Victoria captured High-Point trophies at the Mid Valley Swim League Championships.

Colin Ramos (15-16 boys), Lindsey Reedy (15-16 girls), Agustin Leyva (13-14 boys), Hannah Denton (13-14 girls), Elliot Lewis (11-12 boys), Aryanna Jimenez (11-12 girls), Mikiela Jackson (11-12 girls), Camryn Silva (11-12 girls), Diego Armas (9-10 boys), Evan Lumpkin (9-10 boys), Sofia Amaral (9-10 girls), Cassandra Carranza (9-10 girls), Nicholas Campbell (7-8 boys), Danika Brar (7-8 girls), Abigail Gonzalez (7-8 girls), Zachary Esparza (6&under boys) and Zhaira Brar (6&under girls) took home Swimmer of the Year awards.

Annie Connors (15-16 girls), Tristan Freitas-Scott (13-14 boys), Gary Dodd (11-12 boys), Olivia Kee (11-12 girls), Alysse Messer (11-12 girls) and Blake Ricks (7-8 boys) were named Best Newcomers.

Logan Kier (15-16 boys), Daniel Hagens (13-14 boys), Maddie Kidd (11-12 girls), Jessica Scott (11-12 girls), Gurneel Gill (9-10 boys), Ally Feld (9-10 girls), Hailey Rosales (9-10 girls) and Sarah Ricks (7-8 girls) were named Breakout Swimmers of the Year.

Hardest Worker awards went to Camille Hartley (11-12 girls), Emma Lewis (9-10 girls), Gabriella Jackson (7-8 girls) and Madeline Staley (7-8 girls).

Angelo Najera (13-14 boys) and Chloe Kline (13-14 girls) were recipients of the Mister Dolphin and Miss Dolphin awards.

Donald Cook III (11-12 boys) and Hannah Kelley (11-12 girls) were named Mr. Junior Dolphin and Ms. Junior Dolphin, respectively.

Cesar Mejia (9-10 boys) received the "Connor" Award.

Former Dolphin Connor Saavedra passed away at the age of seven in July of 2010.

Over $1,000 worth of Dolphin merchandise was sold at the year-end banquet and pool party.

The Dolphins held a money dive at 4 p.m. Coaches tossed several-hundred dollars in change into the water.

Parents raced against their children at 4:30 p.m.

"That was one of the highlights," Bull said. "We had great attendance."