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The Mathews brothers inherited their passion for motorsports from their dad.

Greg, Doug, Nick and Bryce faced off for the first time since they were youngsters on Tuesday, July 29 at the Stanislaus County Fair Destruction Derby II-Metal Mayhem.

"My father (Gary) started before we were born," said Greg, 48, a Ceres resident. "He did stock cars and destruction derby simultaneously."

Greg organized the get-together.

Doug, 49, flew in from Salt Lake City.

Californians Nick, 46, and Bryce, 44, drove from Orland and Gridley, respectively.

"It's special," Doug said. "That's why I came all the way out here. It probably won't happen again."

"It's been a wonderful thing to get us back together," Bryce said. "It's a dream come true."

They competed in the compact division at Food Maxx Arena in Turlock.

Bryce piloted his 1975 AMC Pacer to a second-place performance in a field of 16. He also finished runner-up in the heavyweight class.

Greg (1976 AMC Pacer), Doug (1974 Toyota Station Wagon) and Nick (1976 Ford Pinto Station Wagon) did not place.

"We had a good time," Greg said.

They worked on their vehicles for countless hours at an auto shop, located off Central Avenue. Parts from junkyards and donor cars were used.

"It's been really fun the last two months getting ready for it and talking about it," Greg said. "We've always wanted to compete together. We had the time and cars to do it this year."

"This is great," Nick said. "I'm excited that it happened. It was a lot of fun working with and helping each other. Everyone had their own ideas."

While growing up in Gridley, Greg and his brothers tried to outdo each other all the time.

They had bicycle racing, jumping and destruction derby battles on a concrete slab in their backyard.

"We'd have all kinds of competitions," Greg said.

"Four boys in one household. Whether it was a running race or a prune fight, we were competitive in everything," Bryce said.

During summer vacation, they'd watch father Gary participate in local stock car and destruction derby contests.

"We'd all go to the stands and cheer him on," Greg said.

Mother Polly made sure all four of her boys dressed alike in custom-made shirts.

"I still have them to this day," Doug said.

Gary and Polly celebrated their 50th anniversary on July 26.