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Football helmet fails, player avoids injury
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Javaughn Anderson had to watch from the sidelines after colliding with a teammate during a Ceres Cowboys JV practice at Mae Hensley Jr. High School on Wednesday.

Anderson was carrying the ball when he was tackled by Josh Bowers.

"They came up and met each other properly," said Reg Evans, Ceres Cowboys president and JV coach. "Their heads just collided."

Neither player suffered an injury.

Anderson wasn't allowed to practice for the remainder of the day because his helmet was destroyed. The impact left a huge crack and dent on the right side of his white Riddell Revolution helmet.

"That helmet shouldn't have done that," Evans said. "It's got to be defective. There's no other excuse."

"I would prefer not to speculate how or why (until we examine the helmet)," said Dick Lester, vice president of Riddell Sports. "I can tell you that shell crackage is very rare."

Added Cowboys varsity coach Tom Vasquez: "I hope it was just a freak accident and not a standard. The last thing I want is to see any kid injured on the football field."

The helmet will be shipped to Riddell Sports in Chicago within the next two weeks. The company's engineering department will conduct a study.

"We'll see if we can determine why it happened and replace it if it's under warranty," Lester said. "That would be typical procedure if there was some problem with it."

Added Evans: "It's got to go back. They need to find out why that helmet collapsed like that. That's very dangerous. What if that helmet would have caved in more?"

More than 40 of Ceres' players use Revolution helmets.

"If I have one more fail, I'll replace all of them," Vasquez said.

"Safety is the No. 1 concern."

The Revolution helmet was introduced at the youth level in 2003. It's also being used in high schools, colleges and the NFL. The helmet was designed with the intent of reducing the risk of concussion. - By DALE BUTLER / Staff Reporter of The Ceres (Calif.) Courier