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CV girls remain first in CCC soccer
• Hawks improve to 7-0-1 in CCC
Yaira Contreras scored once during Central Valley’s 2-0 road win over Atwater in CCC play on Jan. 24.

Central Valley’s varsity girls soccer team posted two shutouts last week.

“We haven’t lost a game in league,” Coach Miguel Larranaga said. “I’m proud of them.”

The first-place Hawks improved to 13-6-1 on the year and 7-0-1 in the Central California Conference after topping host Atwater 2-0 on Thursday.

The last-place Falcons dropped to 10-8-1 and 1-7-0.

“It should have been 10-0. We missed so many chances.”
Coach Miguel Larranaga

“It should have been 10-0,” Larranaga said. “We missed so many chances.” 

Central Valley forward Jocelyn Lopez tallied one goal and one assist against Atwater.

She scored 24 goals through the Hawks’ first 14 games.

 “She’s a smart striker who can read the game really well as she’s playing it,” Larranaga said. “She knows how to make adjustments.”

Hawk teammates Yaira Contreras, Abigail Martinez and Lillianna Cruz also contributed.

Contreras had one goal.

Martinez had one assist.

Cruz had three saves at goalkeeper.

Host Central Valley cruised to a 4-0 victory against Patterson on Jan. 22.

“They played a perfect game,” Larranaga said. “It was beautiful.”

Lopez accounted for all four of the Hawks’ goals.

Mixtly Vega and Jackie Sanchez both collected two assists.

Cruz totaled five saves versus last-place Patterson (6-12-0, 1-6-0).

“Patterson doesn’t have a lot of wins but they have some strong players,” Larranaga said. “They’re going to be better next year.”

Central Valley had four games left on its schedule as of Sunday.

The Hawks are vying for their fourth consecutive league crown.

Central Valley finished first in the Western Athletic Conference in 2018, 2017 and 2016.

Central Valley and El Capitan (7-3-2, 6-1-1) are vying for the 2019 CCC title.

“The advantage is in our favor,” Larranaga said. “It’s in our hands. We’re not depending on anybody else. That’s what we wanted.”

Dawgs tie Vikings, lose to Patriots

Ceres High’s shorthanded varsity girls soccer team dropped to third place in the Western Athletic Conference standings this past week.

“I want to give credit to all of the girls that are still here,” head coach Miguel Saldate said. “The effort is there. They’re trying to make something happen.”

The Bulldogs fell to 10-7-2 overall and 6-3-1 in the WAC after losing 4-1 to host Beyer on Jan. 23 at the Mary Grogan Soccer Complex.

The first-place Patriots improved to 11-0-0 in conference play.

“I’m not surprised,” Saldate said. “Most of Beyer’s girls play competitive soccer,” Saldate said. “We only have three or four. We didn’t do bad considering we were short on players and didn’t have a bench.”

Ceres High had just 10 players on the field for the final 30 minutes.

Elena Arellano exited the game with an ankle injury 10 minutes into the second half.

“Our main thing was not to get our butt kicked,” Saldate said. “We could have done better.”

Daisy Duran accounted for the Bulldogs’ lone goal.

Jacqueline Ruiz assisted.

Ceres High goalkeeper Siriana Gudino made six saves.

The Patriots shut out the Bulldogs 2-0 on Dec. 10.

Ceres High and Johansen tied 0-0 on Jan. 22 at Bulldog Stadium.

The Bulldogs lost 1-0 to the Vikings during their first meeting. Ceres High competed with a nine-person lineup.

“We had more players on the field this time and it helped us cover more area,” Saldate said. 

Ceres High freshman Adela Covarrubias was a major contributor on defense against the second-place Vikings (6-2-2).

“She’s been helping a lot,” Saldate said. “I want to give her credit because of that.”

The top three teams in the WAC qualify for playoffs.

Beyer has the top spot locked up.

Johansen, Ceres High and Lathrop are battling for the second and third berths.

The Bulldogs are vying for their fifth straight postseason appearance.

“Honestly, the way things are going, it’s hard to say yes or no,” Saldate stated. “It makes it difficult not having enough players.” 

Ceres High had 20-plus players on its roster at the beginning of the year.

“It’s been a tough season for us,” said Saldate, who’s had just 13 players on his team for most of the year. “Every game, we’re missing a girl for a different reason. But you have to play with what you have.”