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CV girls surprise head coach with fourth-place finish
Hawk sophomore Aryanna Jimenez finished first in the 100 free and 50 free at the Western Athletic Conference Varsity Girls Swim Championships on April 28 in Los Banos. - photo by DALE BUTLER/Courier photo

Central Valley's varsity girls swim team compiled an 0-5 record while finishing in last place during the Western Athletic Conference dual-meet season.

The Hawks showed marked improvement at the WAC Championships on April 28 in Los Banos.

Central Valley totaled 61 points en route to a fourth-place showing at the six-team event.

The Hawks topped Patterson (51) and Livingston (9).

Central Valley finished behind Los Banos (179), Ceres High (139) and Pacheco (77).

"We placed higher during championships," head coach Sarah Willems said. "That was a nice surprise. I was hoping they'd do this well."

Hawk sophomore Aryanna Jimenez placed first in the 100 free and 50 free.

She set personal records in both events.

Jimenez was seeded third in the 100 free and fifth in the 50 free.

"The pressure didn't get to her," Willems said. "It had a positive effect on her."

Leilani Ortiz placed second in the 50 free and third in the 100 breast.

"She did awesome, too," Willems said.

Sofia Amaral placed 11th in the 100 breast.

Ashley Corro placed 12th in the 500 free.

Naudia Gonzales placed 14th in the 50 free.

Gianna Giottonini placed 14th in the 200 free and 17th in the 100 free.

Kaydee Peterman placed 17th in the 50 free.

Belle Martinez placed 18th in the 100 free and 25th in the 50 free.

Erin Batista placed 27th in the 50 free.

Zaida Martinez placed 29th in the 50 free.

Victoria Serpas placed 31st in the 50 free.

Emilie Romero placed 35th in the 50 free.

Carisma Hernandez placed 36th in the 50 free.

Amaris Shaw placed 37th in the 50 free.

Puneeta Salhan placed 38th in the 50 free.

Natalie Pineda placed 39th in the 50 free.

Fiona Gay placed 40th in the 50 free.

Claudia Gomez placed 40th in the 50 free.

Sara Kraft placed 42nd in the 50 free.

Kayla Pimentel placed 43rd in the 50 free.

Alexis Tavizon placed 46th in the 50 free.

Emily Villegas placed 47th in the 50 free.

Hannah Duncan placed 48th in the 50 free.

Nicole Olivarez placed 49th in the 50 free.

Carla Martinez placed 50th in the 50 free.

Aileen Padilla placed 51st in the 50 free.

Sydney Aguilar placed 52nd in the 50 free.

Elizabeth Carlos placed 53rd in the 50 free.

Reyna Ochoa placed 56th in the 50 free.

Madeline Lopez placed 59th in the 50 free.

Alma Zamora placed 61st in the 50 free.

Karime Lopez placed 62nd in the 50 free.

Oriana Gonzales placed 69th in the 50 free.

Gabriela Jimenez placed 72nd in the 50 free.

Central Valley's 200 free relay team of Aryanna Jimenez, Sofia Amaral, Ashley Corro and Leilani Ortiz placed third.

Freshmen Jesus Rosalez and Miguel Lindoro represented Central Valley at the WAC varsity boys swim finals this past month.

Rosalez finished 12th in the 50 free and 17th in the 100 free.

Lindoro finished 14th in the 50 free and 20th in the 100 free.

"They wanted to have a successful end to their season," Willems said. "They both improved their times."