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CVHS grads, twins share more than one common passion
Gilberto and Gerardo Flores 2
Twin brothers Gilberto and Gerardo Flores fell in love with Mexican music at an early age. The former Central Valley High School boys soccer standouts both sing and play multiple instruments. They also started their own bands.

The Flores brothers, twins Gerardo and Gilberto, share more than one common interest.

The former Central Valley High School boys soccer standouts are both equally passionate about Mexican music.

“When we were 7 or 8 years old, we’d sing for our family,” Gilberto said. “We’d karaoke. That’s how it started.”

“My passion for music has been there since I was a kid as I would always listen to it,” Gerardo said. “My dad likes music as well so we would sing for him.”

Gilberto and Gerardo are currently lead singers in different bands because they reside in different cities.

Gerardo and Gilberto attend Cal State San Bernardino and Modesto Junior College, respectively.

Gerardo scored five goals as a true freshman with the Coyotes during the 2019 season.

Gilberto plans to try out for the Pirates this fall.  

“For now, we have our separate projects because we live far apart,” Gilberto said. “Hopefully, in the future we can do something together. We’d share the spotlight. We’re very versatile. I can play his style of music and he can play mine.”

Gilberto is a member of Grupo Pres.

His band performed every other weekend prior to the coronavirus pandemic.

They had gigs in Ceres, Modesto, Hughson, Turlock and Livingston.

“My style is norteno,” Gilberto said. “That’s a genre of music. My influences are Los Nuevos Rebeldes, Enigma Norteno and Ariel Camacho.”

Gerardo is a member of Grupo Prestigio.

“The style of music I play is regional Mexican music,” Gerardo said. “Some inspirations I have are Diferente Nivel, Ariel Camacho and Legado 7.”

Gilberto and Gerardo learned how to play multiple instruments by watching YouTube videos.

“He’s a really talented musician and is really dedicated,” Gerardo said. 

“We always push each other to be better,” Gilberto said. 

Gilberto plays the accordion, guitar, bass guitar and bajo sexto.

Gerardo plays the guitar, bass guitar and bajo sexto.

“I started playing instruments when I was in the eighth grade,” Gilberto said. “My first instrument was the accordion. Then I moved to guitar and bass guitar. I realized I was pretty good at singing my sophomore year. I was willing to play in front of people. I wasn’t scared. Before, I was shy.”

“I have been playing guitar for about five years and singing since I was little,” Gerardo said. “Guitar base and bajo sexto, I started learning with my brother through the Internet.”

Gilberto and Gerardo are constantly practicing.

“I play and practice music every single day whether it’s a couple songs or long sessions,” Gerardo said. “I like to do that instead of playing video games and being on electronics.”

“I’ve practiced every day, a minimum of three hours if not more, since I started five or six years ago,” Gilberto said. “It’s almost like an addiction. It’s a lifestyle. Our friends also play too. We’d take our guitars and play during lunch or on the bus before soccer games (in high school).”

When asked if they enjoyed playing soccer or music more, Gerardo and Gilberto had different responses.

“I love them both,” Gerardo said.

“I enjoy music way more,” Gilberto said. “The most satisfying thing is playing in front of people and they give a good response.”

Gilberto and Gerardo both expressed interest in pursuing careers in music.

“I am going to just keep doing what I love and if the opportunity presents itself then I’ll make the right decision for me,” Gerardo said.

“I would want to be a professional soccer player while still doing music as these two things I can’t live without in my life and it’s just something I will always do,” he added.

“For now, we do it as a side job,” Gilberto said. “Maybe we could make a career out of it if God puts us in the right place at the right time. That’s the main goal.”

Gerardo Flores sings
Gerardo Flores sings while his twin brother Gilberto plays the guitar.
Gilberto Flores strums
Gilberto Flores (plays multiple instruments, including the guitar, bass guitar, bajo sexto and accordion. The 2019 Central Valley High School grad practices three hours a day.