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Mathews family enjoys destruction
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It's become an annual tradition for the Mathews family.

Every summer, they reunite at the Stanislaus County Fair. They spend countless hours at the Central Valley Christian Academy automotive shop in Ceres leading up to the competition.

On Tuesday, July 20, brothers Greg, Bryce and Nick, and their children competed in the compact division of Destruction Derby II-Metal Mayhem.

"We had a great time," Ceres resident Greg Mathews said. "It was very competitive. It was a lot of fun."

Bryce Mathews of Gridley piloted his 1976 Pacer to a first-place finish.

Daughter Teryn (1976 Mustang) took third.

Brother Chad (1982 Mustang) participated as well.

The father-daughter tandem of Greg (1976 Pacer) and Karlie (1978 Mustang II) finished outside the top three.

Orland's Nick Mathews (1976 Pacer) did not place.

Greg Dalton, Austin Campos and Caleb Stearns, the compact division's three other drivers, were a part of the Mathews Motorsports team.

Dalton (1976 Pacer Wagon) finished third overall. He lives in Ceres.

Campos, Teryn's boyfriend, and Stearns, a junior at Central Valley Christian Academy, made their debut.

The competition lasted 12 minutes. Drivers circled Food Maxx Arena before destruction ensued.

"They (the crowd) loved it," Greg Mathews said. "We drove hard all the way through and ruined almost all the cars."

Kinsey Mathews, Greg's younger daughter, placed third in the powder puff division. The second-year competitor drove a 1978 Lincoln Mark V.

Friend Sarah Dalton, a 2009 Central Valley Christian Academy grad, was eliminated halfway through the contest. Her car (1973 Dodge Polara) overheated and steering went out.