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Mathews family unable to compete at Turlock fair
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For the second time in three years, the Mathews family had no representatives in the Stanislaus County Fair Destruction Derby.

Greg and his daughters Karlie (29), Kaitlyn (24) and Kinsey (22) have all competed in the annual event in the past.

"The girls were disappointed they weren't able to participate," said Greg, 54. "I watched on Monday and Tuesday."

Mathews and his daughters planned to drive in the Compact and/or 1980s Late Model classes this year.

"We have cars but they eliminated those divisions," Greg said. "It's disappointing."

Greg, his brother Bryce and niece Teryn are planning on competing in the Yolo County Fair Auto Destruction Derby in Woodland this month.

Unable to drive in the Turlock derby this year, Mathews dedicated time to preparing Central Valley Christian Academy's flag football team for the upcoming season. He also worked with the school's exhibition gymnastics team.

"I'm taking care of projects at home and school," said Greg, who serves as a physical education and automotive technology teacher and athletic director at the Ceres academy.

Greg has competed in all but three of Stanislaus County Fair's destruction derbies since 1993. "If they go back to the old style of building, and we have the right kind of cars, I'd be interested in that," he said. "But they changed the rules. They allowed more welding. It requires a lot more time and money."

In 2012, Greg and Kinsey chose to forego the Stanislaus County Fair Destruction Derby for religious reasons. Seventh-day Adventists honor the Sabbath from Friday sunset to Saturday sunset. Bryce and Teryn signed up for Destruction Derby II Metal Mayhem.

Greg and eldest daughter Karlie placed second and third, respectively, in the Compact division in 2011.

Six members of the Mathews family, including brothers Greg, Bryce and Nick, battled for bragging rights in the compact division of Metal Mayhem in 2010.

Bryce placed first. Teryn took third. Brother Chad participated as well. Greg and Karlie finished outside the top three. Nick did not place.

Kinsey placed third in the Powder Puff division.
Bryce took second in both the Compact and Heavyweight divisions in 2008.

Greg, Doug and Nick did not place.

"I like getting all of my family members together," Greg said.