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Solorio schedules Falcons meeting
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Former Ceres Falcons Youth Football & Cheer president Willie Solorio will be holding a public meeting at Paradise Pizza on Friday at 6 p.m., where concerns will be voiced abut the organization.

“The main issue is to get the bylaw overturned and hold an election,” Solorio said. “If they don't want to give us one, we'll hire an attorney.”

The Falcons board adopted bylaws for the current season on Sept. 18 and failed to notify its general membership. The amended bylaws include a provision regarding the selection of an executive board.

Article III of the 2005 Bylaws state: “All executive board vacant positions will be elected no later than the last home game of each season. In the event that there is a vacancy on the executive board, during the current season, the president may, with executive board approval, appoint a participant member to fill the position.”

Article V of the 2004 Bylaws state: “All board members shall be elected by the general membership each year at an October election or at the next to last home game.”

“They went to a dictator bylaw, which says there will be an election upon a vacancy,” Solorio said. “They want a permanent board. That's ridiculous. All we want is a vote. We want the people to be able to decide who's going to direct their organization.”

Said Ceres Falcons president Russ Alcorn: “We opted not to have an election this year because we're following our bylaws that we have set. There are no vacant positions at this time.”

Alcorn had a different opinion on the matter prior to the passage of the new bylaws.

“It wouldn't be healthy for the organization to have a lifetime board,” he said.

The Falcons held elections on a one-year basis for the past 10 years. Saturday marked the first time the general membership didn't get to vote.

“It didn't happen,” said JV Falcons coach Randy Flanagan. “There was a lot of talk going on. I still think it should be held because we were founded by the people. I think they're afraid. A lot of board members would be gone if there was a vote.”

Added Solorio: “There's a lot of people who want to come forward and say what they feel. Believe me, I'm expecting to see a lot of parents.”

Paradise Pizza is located at 2908 East Whitmore Avenue in the Save Mart Shopping Center. - By DALE BUTLER /Staff reporter of the Ceres (Calif.) Courier