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Youth teams earn trophies
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The Ceres Youth Baseball & Softball Organization held its closing ceremony on June 16 in front of a large crowd at George Costa Fields.

"Everybody had a great time," president Lance Goblirsch said.

Trophies were displayed on a table by home plate on Field 2, then passed out to the organization's 1,000-plus members.

Bigger trophies were given to players that suited up for teams that finished in the top half of the standings.

Boys standings

A single-elimination tournament was used to determine the champion of the Pony division.

The sixth-seeded Twins (7-7-1) posted a 6-5 victory over the top-seeded Pack (12-2) in the title game.

"It feels good," Twins standout Adam Hall said.

"We set the goal," head coach Gary Glendenning added. "I didn't know we'd achieve it. The kids played great. They worked hard all year."

The Red Sox (3-12) topped the Giants (7-8) for third place.

The Giants (14-0) dominated the 11-12-year-old division.

The White Sox (11-3) and Diamondbacks (8-5-1) placed second and third, respectively.

The Red Sox won all 13 of their games en route to a first-place finish in the 9-10 division, followed by the Dodgers (11-2), Reds (10-2-1) and Diamondbacks (8-4-1).

The Bulls (12-0), Bashers (10-2) and Bulldogs (9-3) took first, second and third, respectively, in the 7-8 division.

The Athletics and Scrappers tied for fourth at 8-4.

Girls standings

The Pink Ladies captured the 14-18-year-old division crown with a 9-3 record.

"For the most part, I thought they all did great," coach Kelly Pond said. "I was really pleased with the way they played and came together."

The Storm amassed nine wins, two losses and one tie on their way to a first-place finish in the 11-13 division.

The Giants and Athletics tied for second (7-4-1).

The Krazy Kats were the class of the 9-10 division as they posted a perfect 14-0 record.

The Mean Girls (11-3) and Brats (9-5) excelled as well.

The Little Angels (12-0) and Smash (8-4) finished 1-2 in the 7-8 division.