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CYBS concludes rec season with ceremony
Audel Valencia-led Yankees
Members of the Audel Valencia-led Yankees 8-and-under softball team placed first with an 8-2-0 record during the 2022 Ceres recreational season.

More than 500 community members attended the Ceres Youth Baseball & Softball Organization’s closing ceremonies for the 2022 season on June 17 at George Costa Ball Field Complex.

“It was well-attended,” Public Relations Coordinator Daniel Guzman said.

The 2022 campaign started on April 25.

About 700 boys and girls participated during the organization’s 44th season.

The organization had an enrollment size of 550 during the 2021 COVID-shortened season.

“We were really excited to open the doors and have a full season,” Guzman said. “We’re getting back to where we used to be numbers-wise.”

“A lot of parents were happy with how things were run this year,” he added.

The league was comprised of 48 teams, including 33 baseball and 15 softball.

There were six divisions for baseball players: 5&under, 7&under, 8&under, 10&under, 12&under and 15&under.

Baseball games were played on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

There were four divisions for softball players: 6&under, 8&under, 10&under and 13&under.

The girls played on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturday.

“A lot of parents were happy seeing their kids out there having a fun time and playing a sport they love given everything that’s been happening,” Guzman said. 

The top-two teams in each division were awarded trophies.

Players on teams finishing third or below received medals.

Each T-baller took home a participation trophy.

CYBS’s board consisted of 19 people: Guzman (Public Relations Coordinator/Director of Umpires), Dima Ferrel (President/Girls Tournament Director), Gerardo Hernandez (Vice President-Baseball), Nikole Ferrel (Vice President-Softball/11-13 Girls Commissioner), Sierra De Leon (Secretary), Ginal Nilsson (Treasurer), Mike Borges (Custodian of Records), Kari Alonzo (Snack Bar Manager), Melissa Baldwin (Registrar), Chuck Weeks (Equipment Manager/9-10 Boys Commissioner), Daniel Martinez (Sponsor Coordinator), Rosanna Quiroga (5-6 Girls Commissioner), Audel Valencia (7-8 Girls Commissioner), Jessica Lopez (9-10 Girls Commissioner), Melissa Taylor (T-ball Boys/Girls Commissioner), David Rubio (6-7 Boys Commissioner), Wes Klino (8 Boys Commissioner), Jorge Guerrero (Blaze Commissioner/Boys Tournament Director/Fall Ball Commissioner) and Miko Alcaraz (Uniform Coordinator).



13-15 age group

1. Ceres Blaze 13s (7-0-0)

2. Diamond Cutterz (5-5-1)

3. A’s (4-6-0)

4. Pirates (2-7-1)


1. Tacos (10-1-0)

2. Sandlot (6-5-0)

3. Mariners (6-5-0)

4. A’s (0-11-0)


1. Dodgers (8-2-1)

2. Athletics (8-3-0)

3. C-Town Dodgers (6-4-1)

4. Giants (4-6-1)

5. Nationals (3-7-0)

6. Cardinals (1-8-1)


1. A’s (8-1-1)

2. Yankees (5-3-0)

3. White Sox (4-5-1)

4. Braves (4-5-0)

5. Cubs (1-8-0)


1. Braves-Valencia (9-1)

2. Braves-Martinez (8-1)

3. A’s (5-4-0)

4. Dragons (3-6-0)

5. Giants-Moring (3-7-0)

6. White Sox (1-8-0)

7. Reds (1-9-0)


11-13 age group

1. Sacrifice (9-2-0)

2. A’s (8-3-0)

3. Bat-itude (3-8-0)

4. Lady Bulldogs (2-9-0)


1. Xplosion (8-1-1)

2. Reds (4-5-1)

2. A’s (4-5-1)

4. Venom (2-7-1)


1. Yankees (8-2-0)

2. Stingers (3-6-1)

2. Hot Shots (3-6-1)

Rafael Valencia-led Braves
The Rafael Valencia-led Braves 7-and-under baseball team finished first during the Ceres recreational season.