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Acosta accused of attempted murder
A Ceres man will face charges in court that he attempted to kill his girlfriend's 18-month-old son.

Jose Antonio Acosta, 20, was arrested Wednesday in Ceres, following a lengthy investigation conducted by Ceres Police. Detective Trenton Johnson located Acosta and made the arrest.

The case was also assigned to Child Protective Services.

Personnel at Doctors Medical Center in Modesto called Ceres Police on Aug. 18, suspicious of how the infant was severly injured. The baby was brought into the emergency room by his 23-year-old mother. The child had major injuries including multiple fractures, internal injuries, and bite marks on his ear. The mother told doctors that the injuries were the result of an accidental fall that took place in her Ceres apartment. Hospital staff reported to the police that the injuries were not consistent with the explanation given by the mother.