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Boy, 15, will be tried as adult in killing
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The 15-year-old Ceres boy who fatally shot a 56-year-old Ceres man in the head during a verbal altercation in the 3000 block of Fifth Street on July 11 will undergo a murder trial as an adult.

Carlos Mateo was arrested by Ceres Police for fatally shooting Michael Chandler. His brother, Reynaldo Mateo, 18, was arrested and charged with felony accessory and two misdemeanor charges of obstructing a police investigation and giving false information to police.

Prosecutors with the Stanislaus County District Attorney's Office decided to treat the junior Mateo as an adult in court. He will be arraigned on Aug. 23. If he's convicted of first-degree murder, Carlos Mateo could be sent away to a prison for 25 years to life.

The Mateos were arrested after approximately 11 hours of investigation after a frantic Chandler staggered up to the front door of the Ceres Police headquarters on Third Street for help. At approximately 2:46 a.m. Chandler - wearing only pants and socks -started banging on the front door of the station. Two officers met him at the front door and saw that he had an injury to the front right of his forehead and that he was having difficulty answering questions. While Chandler was unable to explain what had happened to him officers checked his identification and later found the scene of the shooting. Chandler was transported to an area hospital where his condition worsened. He died the next day.

Police learned that the Mateo brothers and Chandler didn't know each other. For several months the brothers were living with friend Mike Guptin, 18, who also allowed Chandler, a friend of his mother's, to spend the night on the couch. Detective Derek Perry said that the brothers came home around 2:30 p.m., making noises and disrupting Chandler's sleep. Chandler asked them to quiet down. A verbal argument ensued and one of the brothers went to get the gun. Carlos, who has alleged gang affiliations, shot Chandler in the right side of the head near the temple, said police. After the shooting Carlos asked the homeowner who "the tweaker" on the couch was. Guptin told the boys he was a "friend of the house."

After being shot, Chandler walked or ran the quarter-mile to the police department.

Chandler had been struggling financially in the last few months, staying where he could, said Perry.

Carlos Mateo attended Ceres Community School and was arrested earlier this year for assault with a deadly weapon, said Perry.