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• SUSPECTED DRUGGED DRIVER HITS HYDRANT: CERES - A 22-year-old Riverbank driver was arrested Monday morning after he struck a fire hydrant in the Walmart parking lot while under the influence of drugs.

The crash into the hydrant occurred at 5:45 a.m. Officer James Riley responded and found a 1997 BMW 325-I crashed into the hydrant, sheering it off and spraying water into the air and flooding the area. He saw driver Saul Martinez and a passenger attempting to run away but stopped them a short distance away. Martinez admitted using methamphetamine and cocaine prior to getting behind the wheel. Martinez was taken to Doctors Medical Center for a blood draw to determine actual intoxication levels. He was booked on suspicion of driving while under the influence and driving on a suspended license.

• TRAFFIC STOP YIELDS DRUG SALES OPERATION: CERES - A traffic stop made on Bounmy Sidouang, 40, of Ceres, made on Tuesday, Nov. 27 unearthed a suspected drug sales operation.

The Ceres Police Street Crimes Unit stopped Sidouang at 8:15 p.m. and a search of the vehicle turned up one Ecstasy pill and $6,500 in cash. In a follow-up search of his residence in the 1400 block of Lindstrom Avenue, police found 750 Esctasy pills. He was booked on charges of possession of a controlled substance for sales.

Driver Veronica Pedrosa, 34, of Modesto, was cited for driving on a suspended license.

• CAR CHASE ENDS IN ARREST: CERES - A one-minute pursuit of a driver during a car stop ended in an arrest and another suspect being wanted.

At 11:17 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 27, officers Brian Albonetti and Dirk Nieuwenhuis tried to stop a car in the 800 block of Latimer. Instead of pulling over, driver Victor Quezda, 20, led officers on a short case. During the chase, however, he dropped off passenger Timothy Maestas, 28, as the officers watched a handgun drop out of his waistband. The driver yielded at Herndon Road and Joyce Avenue and was arrested for fleeing from an officer.

Maestas - who has a warrant for his arrest -- and the gun were not recovered. However, officers searched Maestas' house in the 1200 block of Eugene Avenue in South Modesto and located two stolen vehicles. Members of the Stanislaus County Auto Theft Task Force are investigating the stolen cars.

• SOLO CRASH INTO HOUSE: CERES - Jacky Phe, 19, of Ceres, was arrested Sunday after he lost control of his vehicle and plowed into a house at 1022 Highlands Drive. The house sustained minor damage in the 6:13 p.m. crash of the 1999 Infinity SUV. Phe was arrested and charged with DUI after his blood alcohol content registered at .07.

• LOADED GUN, DRUGS FOUND IN CAR: CERES - Officer James Riley pulled over the driver of a 1980 Ford SUV on Sunday and arrested him for possession of a loaded handgun in the car as well as six prescription of bottles of methadone.

The traffic stop occurred at 1115 p.m. at Roeding and Seventh streets. Driven by Alejandro Vieyra, 28, of Ceres. Vieyra was also determined to be driving under the influence. During a search of the car, Riley located a loaded 9mm Ruger handgun in a bag and the pills.

He was charged with possession of a loaded concealed handgun, and possession of a controlled substance.

• WOMEN ARRESTED IN BAR FIGHT: CERES - A large fight broke out at the Blue Horse Lounge on Mitchell Road on Thursday, Nov. 29 with two women going to jail for public drunkenness.

The fight was reported at 11 p.m. to police. Numerous persons were involved in the fight, which started when a man came in to retrieve his wife, and one male struck a woman which upset the bar crowd. A female who was caught in the middle suffered a broken or dislocated leg, said Police Lt. Brent Smith.

Another fight broke out in front where Leticia Rodriguez, 40, of Modesto, and Amanda Parker, 34, of Keyes, were both arrested for public drunkenness.

• WINDOW SMASH BURGLARY: CERES - The Hatch Road Radio Shack store was robbed of a TV during an early morning Sunday window smash burglary. The crime occurred at 2:09 a.m. but surveillance video captured the image of a man wearing dark-colored clothing and a baseball cap.