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• KEYES MAN ARRESTED: MODESTO - Parolee Jesse Allen Bryant, 24, of Keyes, was arrested on north Ninth Street in Modesto Wednesday after a Modesto police canine flushed him out after a robbery.

Bryant was tracked to a motel room which yielded cash, stolen property and a weapon. Bryant allegedly robbed Rue 21 clothing store at 2225 Plaza Parkway. The 911 caller only gave a description of the suspect as a white male adult in his 20s. The armed man demanded money. With cash in hand the robber fled the store and was last seen in the 500 block of north Ninth Street.

A Modesto officer picked up the scent of a footprint where the suspect was last seen and the canine tracked him to the motel near Ninth and Hanley.

Bryant was arrested on suspicion of robbery and for violating parole.

• RECKLESS DRIVING: CERES - Reckless driving earned a Hughson motorcycle rider a trip to jail on Saturday afternoon.

James Comfort, 27, of Hughson, was riding his motorcycle in the area of Hatch Road and Central Avenue when he was observed driving recklessly at 2:40 p.m. on Jan. 8. Officer Keith Kitcher saw Comfort driving between two vehicles while kicking one of them and flipping off the driver. The officer pulled Comfort over and he explained that he was upset at the driver for "making him late for his DUI class in Modesto," said Lt. Brent Smith of the Ceres Police Department.

Comfort was arrested and booked for reckless driving and violation of probation.

• MAN RESCUED FROM CANAL: CERES - A 44-year-old man who suffers from diabetes and mental disabilities was rescued from a canal after an officer spotted him lying in two inches of water in the 3200 block of Hatch Road Friday afternoon.

At 4 p.m.Officer Ron Collins saw the man, who accidentally fell in and sustained visible abrasions. Ceres Fire fighters and EMS personnel extracted the man and rushed him to the hospital. The man may have been stricken by a medical issue.

Ceres Police Lt. Brent Smith said the man was a missing adult from San Francisco.

• THIEF STRIKES CHURCH PROPERTY: CERES - The person who took metal from an air conditioning unit at Village Chapel Free-Will Baptist Church probably skipped over reading the Ten Commandments and "Thou shalt not steal" on Jan. 3.

Police have no suspects but note that metal thefts continue in Ceres.

"We continue to have a problem with copper theft from air conditioning units, especially at the schools," said Lt. Brent Smith.